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Nova-Flore Wild Flower Seed - Shrubs & Rose Bushes

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Nova-Flore wild flower seeds - Shrubs & Rose Bushes. Don't take the trouble to weed under your rose bushes, but take advantage of our ground covering mixture. Blossoming at the same time as your roses, this is a way of avoiding having to treat them for aphids. A combination of white, purple, pink, yellow, orange & red flowers will brighten up your garden. It offers a wide variety of no less than 26 different species that are well chosen and of the highest quality. There is enough seed in each packet for 30 square metres, but as the seed has no sow by date it can be kept and used year after year on smaller areas. Annual flowering species including: Chrysanthemum paludosum, Brachycome, Labularia moritima, Cheiranthus moritimus. Average Height: 40cm Sowing Time: March to June or September, October (preferably) Beginning of blossoming: 6 to 8 weeks after sowing. From April in the second year. Average Flowering Period: 3 months Made by Nova-Flore Summer Awaiting Image

Made by Maingate
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Product Code: Nova-Flore Shrubs & Rose bushes
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